Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (2023)

Jupiter Shark Diving is a thrilling adventure for adrenaline seekers, ocean lovers, freedivers, non-divers, and scuba divers!

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (1)

An item on many bucket lists: shark diving. Only so many places in the world exist where you can have such an awe-inspiring interaction with nature. Just imagine: your next ocean adventure could be shark diving in Jupiter, Florida!

Table Of Contents

  1. Shark Diving in Jupiter, Florida FAQs
  2. Sharks in Jupiter, FL: What species of sharks you might see
  3. Shark diving charters in Jupiter, FL
  4. Shark Diving Jupiter, FL with Emerald Charters
  5. Shark Diving in Jupiter: Final Thoughts
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  7. Watch our shark diving adventure on Youtube!
  8. Read More About Scuba Diving

Shark Diving in Jupiter, Florida FAQs

What exactly is “Shark Diving”?

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Shark diving is exactly what the name implies: scuba diving with sharks! No cage. No barrier. Just you and a bunch of hungry fish with really big teeth!

Is shark diving safe?

Yes! Of course, it is! Sharks are NOT interested in humans. In fact, in 2019 there were only 64 unprovoked shark attacks on humans worldwide. Of these, two were fatal. Again, that is worldwide.

By comparison, in the United States alone, it is estimated that humans bite one another roughly 250,000 times per year. Which one are you more likely to be bitten by? Shark or human? You do the math…

How are sharks attracted to the scuba divers?

The dives are led by a team of trained professionals (shark handlers) who chum (chop up fish) in the water to attract the sharks. The sharks smell the scent of blood from the chum and investigate the situation.

Additionally, noise, vibrations, and other fish are actively speared in the water to cause a ruckus. The combination drives the shark into a frenzy. Who knows what species of shark will make an appearance!

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Is shark diving safe for the sharks?

We’ve certainly heard of environmental concerns when it comes to shark diving. Essentially, the argument is humans are introducing food to the sharks in an unnatural way which may alter the sharks’ behavior. A valid point.

However, we found this not to be the case in Jupiter. Why? To alter a shark’s behavior you need to feed them multiple times over an extended period. Whereas in Jupiter, due to its position near the Gulf Stream (a major ocean current), the sharks are only in the area for a brief moment before they leave on a greater journey.

Sharks are not physically provoked, poked at, or annoyed in any way during the dive. In fact, many times hooks, pieces of plastic, or fishing lines are removed from the sharks when they get close enough to the handlers.

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So why are sharks so prevalent in Jupiter?

As stated earlier, the sharks come into the waters near Jupiter via the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is a major ocean current that brings warm, blue water from the Caribbean Sea all the way to western Europe. Jupiter just so happens to be the closest piece of land to this great ocean current.

Essentially, the Gulf Stream serves as a highway for marine life as they migrate across the oceans for food or reproduction. Sea turtles, whale sharks, manta rays, and sharks all use this highway.

Just as we take an exit on the highway for a pit stop while we’re driving, sharks will hop off the Gulf Stream for a snack in Jupiter before making their way to their final destination.

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Sharks in Jupiter, FL: What species of sharks you might see

Some of the most prevalent sharks you might see while shark diving in Jupiter:

Lemon Shark

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (6)

Prevalence: common

Some shark dives might exclusively be lemon sharks.

Silky Shark

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (7)

Prevalence: common during summer

The pelagic shark hops off the Gulf Stream to make an appearance on deep drift dives in Jupiter.

(Video) Scuba Diving with a MASSIVE Tiger Shark in South Florida - Shark Diving in Jupiter, FL

Dusky Shark

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (8)

Prevalence: common during summer months

Dusky sharks also pass by within the Gulf Stream and make frequent appearances on shark dives in Jupiter during the summer.

Caribbean Reef Shark

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (9)

Prevalence: common

Commonly seen patrolling the deep coral reefs of Jupiter, a mature Caribbean reef shark will often join along with a shark dive.

Nurse Shark

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (10)

Prevalence: common

Most reef dives in South Florida will come with sightings of nurse sharks. One or two might show up during a shark dive in Jupiter.

Tiger Shark

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (11)

Prevalence: rare; December to July

The highlight of Jupiter shark diving. A resident tiger shark named Patrick makes his way into Jupiter annually in the late spring.

(Video) Tiger Shark Circles Diver in Jupiter Florida

Hammerhead Shark

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (12)

Prevalence: rare

Hammerhead sightings don’t last long, but when they do, oh boy, I hope you have your camera ready.

Bull Shark

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (13)

Prevalence: common

Bull Sharks make an appearance on most shark dives in Jupiter throughout the year. The shark is also known to swim up rivers and live in freshwater.

Shark diving charters in Jupiter, FL

Many shops and charter boats between Jupiter and West Palm Beach take eager divers out for shark dives. Time spent in the water and level of experience is well represented. A few of the most popular are:

Jupiter, Florida Shark Cage Diving

Florida Shark Diving in Jupiter

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (14)

Best for: all levels of experience!

Florida Shark Diving is the pioneer of safe shark encounters in Jupiter, FL. They offer shark diving, freediving, snorkeling, and viewing from the boat.

Suitable for all levels of diving experience, they also offer a cage for added peace of mind for those who may be nervous.

🌐 Website

📍 Map It

Swim with Sharks – Jupiter, FL

Shark Tours Florida in Riviera Beach

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (15)

Best for: snorkelers and freedivers

A small but amazing operation just south of the Blue Heron Bridge. They only do snorkeling but the experience is more personable than some of the larger operations. Laura loved her free dive/snorkel experience with Shark Tours Florida!

🌐 Website

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(Video) Cageless Shark Diving off the Coast of Florida | Full Episode

Advanced Shark Diving in Jupiter, FL

Emerald Charters in Jupiter

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (16)

Best for advanced scuba divers

This is not your typical dive operation. Emerald Charters runs shark diving in Jupiter that is only for experienced scuba divers with the minimum of Advanced Open Water and Nitrox/Enriched Air certifications.

If you’re looking for a thrilling ocean adventure with lots of sharks, look no further than Emerald Charters.

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The rest of this overview will be specifically in reference to our dive with Emerald Charters.

Shark Diving Jupiter, FL with Emerald Charters

Emerald Charters runs a three-tank drift dive just outside of the Jupiter Inlet. They’re a small operation where you need to be a good diver and self-sufficient. They will not hold your hand.

The tanks are easiest rented from nearby Scuba Works. They recommend renting three, EAN steel 100 CF tanks at $21.50 each (as of this writing). This ensures maximum bottom time, shortened surface intervals, and longer repetitive dives due to minimal nitrogen build-up in your bloodstream.

Keep in mind: shark diving requires you to be fully covered in black. This helps sharks distinguish between you and their food. Dark hoods to cover blonde hair, black gloves, booties, dark fins, and black wetsuits are all required.

You’ll meet the boat + crew under the bridge on Indiantown Road. They will help you cart tanks and gear from your car to the boat. However, once on the boat, you’re on your own. Some people are turned off by the lack of “resort treatment”. But for us, being self-sufficient, competent, and able is where the adventure really begins.

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (17)

Dive One: Deep Drift Dive

The first dive we were dropped off into a strong current and descended to nearly 80 feet. Now, you’re truly along for the ride.

The shark handler starts chumming the water and before you know it, all sorts of sharks come to the area for a snack. Each time we’ve been diving with Emerald Charters the results of sharks varied. The first was mainly lemon sharks with a glimpse at a bull shark and a great hammerhead.

(Video) Emerald Charters Shark Dive, Jupiter Florida | Carson Branscum

Our second included a stock of various sharks including lemon, dusky, sand, sandbar, reef, and silky sharks. Some of them look so similar so it can be difficult to identify each one.

The dive itself is timed out wonderfully and if you stay at the shark handler’s level, you shouldn’t have a problem with low on-air situations.

Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (18)

Dives Two & Three: Shipwrecks, Sharks, and Goliath Grouper

Surrounded by sharks in the midst of a graveyard of ships is when this experience truly became magical.

As far as we could tell, this seems to be their regular routine. First dive: in the current. Dives two and three: along the Jupiter wreck trek or other shipwrecks in the area. These two dives take you down to approximately 70 – 90 feet.

You’re dropped off on top of one wreck where you follow the current to the bow of another. The shark handlers will ask you to kneel on the bow of the boat as they prepare the waters for the upcoming barrage of sharks. Once the area is sufficiently full of sharks, you will drop down from the bow into the sand where you’ll be completely surrounded by the ocean’s apex predator.

Given the time of year, you’ll be joined by a resident tiger shark named Patrick. Consider yourself lucky when he does because he absolutely steals the show. He’s massive. And seeing the powerful, yet graceful beauty of his movements instills a sense of awe within you.

Joining the party down below were a few goliath grouper trying to steal a bite to eat. The combination of goliath grouper and various species of sharks whizzing around your head is enough to take your breath away (figuratively speaking, of course)!

The remainder of the dive is spent slowly ascending to the surface. The sharks follow you, circle you, and examine you as you drift along with the strong current of the Gulf Stream.

All in all, dives two and three are identical

Shark Diving in Jupiter: Final Thoughts

Shark diving in Jupiter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The combination of drift diving, shipwrecks, and sharks can’t be found anywhere else. So next time you’re in South Florida on a dive vacation, be sure to link up with one of the shops above!

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Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (19)
Your Complete Guide to Jupiter Shark Diving (Updated 2022) (20)

Watch our shark diving adventure on Youtube!

(Video) Shark Safari Shark Diving Jupiter, Florida

Read More About Scuba Diving

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Have you been shark diving in Jupiter? Would you go shark diving in Jupiter? Let us know in a comment below!


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Is it safe to swim with a bull shark? ›

Divers do not need to worry about scuba diving with bull sharks as they do not pose any threat to us. They are considered among one of the most aggressive sharks due to their characteristics, together with their cousins the great white and tiger shark.

How long is the shark experience? ›

The program lasts for approximately 90 minutes and includes an educational and engaging orientation on the biology, care, training, study, and conservation of different shark and ray species; an exclusive behind the scenes look at the shark habitat; an immersive encounter experience, and presentation of a souvenir ...

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